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Mission Statement :

The mission of the Prime Minister’s Inspection Commission (PMIC) is to ensure good governance, transparent and accountable administration in the Federal Government’s Ministries, Divisions, Departments and Autonomous Bodies through monitoring, evaluation and enabling guidelines.

Grievance Cell


PUBLIC & OVERSEAS GRIEVANCES WINGS                  Press Clipping


From October 2008 to December 2010, the Public Grievances and Overseas Grievances Wings of Prime Minister's Secretariat functioned under the Chairman, PMIC. The objectives were to provide speedy redressal of the grievances of general public and overseas Pakistanis


Public Grievances Wing

This Wing was reinvigorated with new Members and staff who effectively assisted the people in the solution of their complaints and provided relief on behalf of the Prime Minister. Government departments were pursued for quick response. More meaningful interaction was engendered with Federal Government's Ministries and departments like Health, Education, Railways, Bait-ul-Mal, Revenue, Interior, etc. and crucial public interface organizations like WAPDA, SNGPL, SSGCL, ZTBL, NBP, PTCL, PSO, and CDA, etc.


Ex-Chairman PMIC presiding over a meeting with the focal persons of Provincial Police Departments and ICT


For speedy redressal of grievances of general public and provision of relief, the Chairman PMIC visited provinces and met the Chief Secretaries, Inspectors General of Police and Chief Executive Officers of Utility Companies. Furthermore, the Chairman held meetings with and received presentations from the nominated focal persons of the Ministries/ Divisions/Departments of various governmental and semi governmental organizations at the Prime Minister's Secretariat.


For ready public access, a Complaint Office was established at the main entrance of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. Here petitions are being received and acknowledged in person. Also, a Call Centre was operationalized with a Universal Access Number 111-144-145 where grievances of the people were entertained and necessary information was provided. This Call Centre had six Data Entry Operators who also digitized the data. Computer software has also been developed to generate reports regarding receipt, processing and the kind of remedies provided to the people.


Overseas Grievances Wing


This Wing was solely responsible for dealing with the grievances of Overseas Pakistanis. Pakistan Missions abroad were instructed to take necessary measures for addressing grievances faced by the expatriate community in areas of their accreditation. The instructions contained these broad parameters:


1. To provide immediate relief to the people working and residing abroad and quick redressal of their grievances.

2. Preparation of data base of the overseas and expatriate community for developing an affective system of regular interaction with them.

3. Designation of a focal person in the Mission to maintain contact and attend to all matters relating to the community.

4. Placing of a box at prominent places in the Mission to receive complaints and forward them to the PMIC by the first available dispatch of diplomatic bag or by fax if required.


Administrative control of both Public Grievance and Overseas Grievance Wings were transferred to the Prime Minister's Secretariat in December 2010.