Statute & Mandate

Salient features of the statute (MLO-58) are as under:

- The Commission shall consist of a Chairman and such number of other Members as Prime Minister may from time to time appoint.

- The Commission shall function under the general orders and supervision of the Prime Minister and shall be directly responsible to him.

- The Commission shall perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the Prime Minister.

- The Chairman PMIC may for any specific purpose or for general assistance to the Commission requisition services of any person as a Co-opted Member.

- The Commission shall when so directed by the Prime Minister carry out inspection of conduct inquires in respect of any Federal Government's Institution or their employees.

- The Commission may recommend the Prime Minister to suspend a person against whom an inquiry is to be held or being held under this Order.

- The Commission shall have the power of a Civil Court while trying a suit under the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 (Act V) in respect of receiving evidence, production of documents and examination of witnesses.

- To order a police investigation into any matter coming before it.

- If, after it has held an inquiry, the Commission is satisfied that a person is guilty, the Commission may refer the case to the Prime Minister, regulate its own procedure for the conduct of its business.

- All the executive authorities in the Federation shall render assistance to the Commission in discharge of its functions.

- The Chairman may constitute an Inspection Team for performance of any specified function.

- Any person aggrieved of any action taken by PMIC may within thirty days of such action submit a review petition to the Prime Minister.

- The Commission shall submit a fortnight progress report to the Prime Minister.

- Establishment Division shall be responsible for all administrative and financial matters relating to the Commission.

- No action taken, order made, thing done or power exercised shall be called in question by or before any court.

- No suit shall lie against any Member or the Commission for anything done in good faith or action taken under this Order.