PMIC as an Institution

PMIC Overview

Prime Minister's Inspection Commission (PMIC) is a statutory body, located in the Prime Minister's Office, Islamabad. PMIC functions on the general orders and under the supervision of the Prime Minister and is directly responsible to him. It is governed under MLO # 58 of 31st October 1978 which is protected under Article 270-A of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 (8th Amendment to the Constitution in Dec-1985). PMIC primarily deals with cases of inquires and inspections referred to it by the Prime Minister.


Since the creation of Pakistan, governments has endeavored to improve official business, check corruption, arrest apathy and indifference in the complicated structure of the state. while the purpose has remained unaltered over the years, PMIC has functioned under different names since its inception in 1960. The chronological changes are as follows:

  • "Governor's Inspection Team" for West Pakistan (1960).
  • "Martial Law Administration Inspection team" (1960).
  • "Federal Inspection Commission" established by Field Marshal Ayub Khan (1964).
  • "President's Inspection Team" (1966).
  • "President's Representative for Administrative Inspection" (1971).
  • "Prime Minister's Representative for Administrative Inspection" (1973) by the then Prime Minister Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
  • "Federal Inspection Commission" by General Zia's regime.
  • "Federal Inspection Commission" was re-established under MLO-58 (1978).
  • "Prime Minister's Inspection Commission/Team" was established (1998).
  • "Chief Executive's Inspection Commission" was established (1999).
  • "Prime Minister's Inspection Commission" was revived in April 2004.